Alex Bradley

Manager - Property Management

We have a policy that every client who entrusts their property to us should be getting a return from that rental property as soon as they can !

An empty house is just not good business for anyone! So to ensure we find you a tenant, that you're happy with and not keep you waiting for that rental income, our policy is, we will have your property leased within 2 weeks otherwise we will provide the first 3 months of management free.

We're so confident in our people that we know you will be happy to have a long and wonderful relationship with Pavilion Property.

Alex is the Manager of Pavilion's property management sector. Previously from the medical industry, she made the move over to property management and has been regarded as one of the best agents by a huge amount of landlords (though we're slightly biased and regard her as the best!).

Highly educated, extremely systematic with a friendly disposition, Alex is the only person you can trust with your biggest asset!

Very business oriented, she has come on board with Pavilion Property with a vested interest in the rental division. This means, every decision she makes from here on affects her 'bottom line'. So you can know that she will work tirelessly for you until every person involved is happy.

But hey, don't take our word for it! She's only a phone call or an email away!

If you are looking to rent your property(s) or wanting to change management then connect with Alex.