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5 Step Process To Buying Your Property

Establish Your Requirements.

Consultations are free as we establish your requirements. We discuss your short and long term goals, determine the type of property you can purchase based on your budget, we identify a suburb/s and the strategy that we use. We may be required to refer you to our finance affiliates, accountants and solicitors to assist you in the process as part of the Due Diligence.

Search For Your Property.

Once you are happy to proceed, we’ll undertake a comprehensive search of properties available for sale in your target market. We have access to all properties listed on the open market, but also off market “silent sales” before they come on the market.

We will inspect suitable properties on your behalf. We then prioritize them, identify good opportunities and present them to you (initially by email if required) for your selection. To assist you, we include digital photos of the property, location maps, floor plans and further details as required. If one of the properties is suitable, we will then arrange an inspection time for you.

Due Diligence.

If you are keen to proceed with one of the properties, we will then further evaluate and assess it. We may recommend a building inspection or get your solicitor to assess documentation and the Contract of Sale.

We will research why the vendor is selling the property and establish a level of interest in the property by the general market to enable us to establish the best way of negotiating for its purchase. We will identify comparable sales and rentals in the area and assess the potential capital growth of your property based on historical trends and future indicators.

Determine Market Value.

We have access to access to industry databases, that allow us to obtain up to date information about the history of the property, including its last sale price. We will assist in determining its value using comparable sales data.

Strategy & Acquisition.

If you decide to proceed, we will develop a suitable acquisition strategy to ensure we buy the property at the best price for you. We will negotiate with the agent on your behalf or bid at auction to ensure that you obtain the property for the lowest possible price.

Residential property investments have contributed as the number one wealth creation if done correctly, not everyone who invests in property is successful.

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