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The real estate industry is driven by reputation.

At Pavilion Property, we believe that times are changing as clients come to expect more from their agents. Our mission is to build and maintain the strongest reputation in the markets that we serve.

We will always strive to achieve the best results for our clients, whilst maintaining our strength and integrity.


We are committed to exceeding your expectations.

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Can I use an agent to find my tenant and manage myself?

We come across this scenario from time to time so it’s not unusual. In fact, it’s probably one of the smarter investments you can make if you’re not having a property manager watch over your asset. By using a property manager to place your tenant, you are using a professional third-party resource that will ensure

A consistency with offers, but I want more

Typically, when selling buyers will give their opinion on value or make offers, what we look for as a determining factor for market value is the consistency of where the offers are coming in. Now this would be most relevant because either you want more then what the market is willing to pay or you’ve

Be ready to buy and save yourself from heartache

I can understand that people like to keep their eye on the market and aren’t necessarily looking to buy when they’re looking at opens. Though the ones that are active in the market who haven’t prepared themselves to a point where they can make an offer, well those are the ones that get hurt. Buying

Create hype to get a better price

There’s an old saying which is very relevant in real estate today, “interest broods interest”. Creating hype around property is the key to capture a strong competitive price for your property. The strategy you use will determine how much of a crowd you’ll attract. By getting your method of sale, advertising price and marketing mix


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We are committed to exceeding your expectations.


Pavilion Property’s unique approach is centred around consistently delivering market-leading outcomes.