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The real estate industry is driven by reputation.

At Pavilion Property, we believe that times are changing as clients come to expect more from their agents. Our mission is to build and maintain the strongest reputation in the markets that we serve.

We will always strive to achieve the best results for our clients, whilst maintaining our strength and integrity.


We are committed to exceeding your expectations.

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How can I increase the value of my rental property without spending too much?

When it comes to the rental market, the value fluctuates on different aspects to sales. It’s the one percenters that really count in rentals and the logical improvements for everyday living. The more you think about comfortability when you’re renovating or updating, the more you can charge for rent. In Victoria, a simple addition is

How can I quickly declutter my home?

Whether it’s just time to create some more space, or you are thinking of selling your property, a quick declutter can do wonders. But where do you start and how do you go about it? It can be quite daunting just staring at everything you need to get rid of and it’s also challenging when

Can I sell my property before an auction?

Many sellers don’t fully understand the auction process. They don’t want to go to auction because it’s high pressure with all the expectation that the property will sell on the day. They also don’t realise that the property can be sold any day before an auction occurs and the power is always in their hands,

How can I check to see if my property manager is taking care of my investment?

Sometimes it’s hard to really know if your investment property is taken care of. You entrust your property to an agent and can only take it on face value whether they’re doing their job or just feeding you what you need to hear. In most cases, they are competent enough to stay on top of


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We are committed to exceeding your expectations.


Pavilion Property’s unique approach is centred around consistently delivering market-leading outcomes.