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The real estate industry is driven by reputation.

At Pavilion Property, we believe that times are changing as clients come to expect more from their agents. Our mission is to build and maintain the strongest reputation in the markets that we serve.

We will always strive to achieve the best results for our clients, whilst maintaining our strength and integrity.


We are committed to exceeding your expectations.

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What are the chances of getting my price if I wait longer?

Every owner wants maximum dollar for their property. The only thing is, how do we determine what the best price is? There is the price that we want as owners and there’s the price the market will pay as market value. Healthy competition can lead to emotional prices, which can surpass our wants and break

I rarely hear from my property manager, is that a good thing?

The old saying of “no news is good news” is something to avoid when it comes to your rental property. Understandably, you don’t want to be called everyday by your property manager, though you do want to be kept informed on your investment property and know that it’s getting looked after. Typically, you should have

Do views increase the value of a property?

Having worked along the inner bayside suburbs of Melbourne, views have been predominantly what I’ve sold. In short, views do add value to your property. In fact, they add so much value to properties that they can make millions of dollars difference between a beachfront property to a property a block back with no aspect.

How can I get more help by agents when buying?

Most complaints in the real estate industry are from buyers, about being mistreated and not given a chance to buy based on poor service by the agent. But here’s the thing, an agent’s time is divided up into so many tasks throughout each day that finding time to do everything can be hard, so we


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We are committed to exceeding your expectations.


Pavilion Property’s unique approach is centred around consistently delivering market-leading outcomes.